A point of reference in the contract lighting since 1986:
ANDROMEDA Contract Lighting Division is working under the direct control of Gianluca Vecchi.
His 360° know-how, and long experience on the field of glassmaking and mechanical issues, not to mention the particular attention about aesthetics, it is at the same time a guarantee of technical perfection and impeccable style.
Him, working his long tested team can meet any design requirement to the highest quality standards.
All the above said, build up over the years, enable the company to develop art projects for hotels, residences, offices, theatres, shops, yachts.
The service-oriented ANDROMEDA Contract Lighting Division manages the most articulate and complex lighting orders, ranging from design to logistics, and from supply to installation.

The ANDROMEDA Contract Lighting Division, offers valuable systems engineering and technical drawing support to designers.

The activities of design, production, project management and logistics are fully integrated, to enable the execution of articulated contract projects, in compliance with the constant pursuit of technical and design excellence.
Large projects have characterized the history of Andromeda (please have a look to our ”On The Road” case book, just to mention a few), many are on their way to come.

The ANDROMEDA Contract Lighting Division, offers high quality and specific professional skills, in order to meet customer needs.

All the details are conceived to meet the precise demands of the contractsector, both in terms of function and aesthetics, e.g. ease of maintenance, comfort, and fire and wear.

The ANDROMEDA Contract Lighting Division interprets and translate every specific aesthetic and functional specification by analyzing the design concept and quality standards required by the customer, providing tips, solutions and ideas that are functional, cost-effective and respond to the customer’s time constraints.

Liaising personally with the customer and architects, combined with researching, testing, and engineering each element of the project, are key aspects of the approach adopted by the ANDROMEDA Contract Lighting Division for the execution of its “turnkey” projects.

Zero complains while spending the last 32 years “On The Road” setting up the places of our clients: Andromeda had been unexceptionable delivering his commitment to everyone in the world.

On The Road