Designer: Andromeda
Typology: Suspension

The Melt Meee “Brilliant Disguise” is a collection for the indoor installation with the usual electrical power at 220V either to 110V.
Yet, it was mainly made for outdoor use as gardens, patios, porches, terraces and any humid or wet areas which required an IP67 rated.

We are supplying this service upon request and after the acquisition of all the informations about the location of where it will be installed, the electrical sources locations and other relevant informations to make the work at state of art and IP67.

The “Brilliant Disguise” can be made up any requested size in addition to the ones presented in this page, and we warmly invite you to contact us for any information you may need to create your place at the best conditions of aestethic and safe

“Brilliant Disguise” is cool, quixotic, daring, and most of all, exuberant.