Melt Meee Candra

The whimsical and the fanciful, the capricious and eccentric Melt Meee … he has the pleasure to enlight the lives of people in 40 countries of the world up today… but… you know what… I did more than my best to turn higher it’s glam, allure and charm.. how could it be… we had the BIG moon recently… so I did some good looking around to see how the moon dust could be so bright… and, being the lucky man I am, I have been revealed the secret… now the secret had to be melted into the Melt Meee to turn him in a moon dust light… but that was the easy part… I am glass it self.
oh, Ladies and Gentlemens, let me introduce you the Melt Meee Candra… you will fall into a divine silence when your eyes will enjoy the beauty and splendor…of this moon dust light… and I promise you … it is just the first one.