We are open to visionary minds: we are open to collaborate, cooperate, co-create any lighting sculpture which show uniqueness about design and about glass making. We wish and we must keep ourselves tight to the glass manufacturing tradition of this Island of Murano and, at the same time, exploring new frontiers of beauty trough glass.
Nothing less than superlative and unimaginable ideas are going to be accepted: we do have enough life to know what had been made and what had been inspired from, we know what is new, we know what it is not: 40 years spent inside a glass factory teaches a lot.
Andromeda do not, and will never fish in what had been already made in previous circumstances from other makers: this is the second “must”.

Of course we are not fearful at all to engineer, to design, to develop mock ups, to use the latest ligthing sources, to spend the needed time to get to the final result: the impossible made real.
In Andromeda there are no preconceptions about ages, sex differences, religions, cultures, colours of the skin, ideas and ideals, dreams and goals, given education or selfmakers. We believe in the human-kind-ness.
Andromeda just follows his gut, so feel free to be in touch: a conversation may lead straight to the a fruitful cooperation.
But…be amazingly surprizing with your ideas. Being limitless is the only limitation.

Gianluca Vecchi
whatsapp +39 335 20 8406

Daniel Vecchi
whatsapp +39 340 791 6888

Karin Vecchi
whatsapp +39 347 233 2603